Welcome to alkimi nodes


Nodes play a crucial role in the Alkimi ecosystem as they provide decentralised computing resources to verify ad auction data and store it on an immutable ledger.

alkimi Node Types

Alkimi Nodes are comprised of two types: Master Nodes and Guardian Nodes


Master Nodes

Master Nodes work in clusters and use a custom consensus mechanism to verify the ad auctions and ensure the authenticity of the data.

Guardian Nodes

Designed to ensure the reliability and integrity of each Master Node, Guardian Nodes are also fully decentralised and work in clusters to achieve consensus. They verify the data provided by Master Nodes and notarise the validated results on an immutable ledger where they are publicly visible via the

Becoming an Alkimi Node Operator

In order to become an Alkimi Node Operator, token holders must meet several requirements:


Hold sufficient collateral for either a Guardian Node or a Master Node.


Mint a Guardian Node or Master Node NFT.

VPS Management

Be able to configure and actively monitor a VPS. (instructions will be provided)


of our fantastic community members have already registered their interest in operating a node.


To ensure fairness in the way we allocate node operator slots, we have decided to run a raffle. Stay tuned, details will follow shortly!

Why get involved?

Alkimi’s ad exchange provides a decentralised replacement to the inefficient legacy programmatic ad exchanges, offering publishers, advertisers and $ADS token holders numerous advantages.

Advertisers & Publishers

  • Significantly lower fees.
  • Full access to immutable and auditable ad auction data.
  • More sustainable ad-tech infrastructure leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology and aiming to reduce the overall carbon footprint of the advertising industry.

ADS Token holders

  • Participate in the process and become part of the value exchange again.
  • As node operators, they provide computing power to validate ad auctions and are rewarded in $ADS tokens for doing so.

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